iRISupply – Automated High Value Surgical Item Management

iRISupply automates the documentation of high value implantable items, saving time and reducing potential billing discrepancies. iRISupply also complies with ICD-10 surgical billing guidelines.

iRISupply’s RFID-Enabled closed-loop system automates the management of these items and has enabled hospitals to enhance the revenue cycle through accurate and auditable documentation. RFID Item tracking indicates which patient has received an item and automates billing for the items, eliminating discrepancies.

  • Stents
  • Balloons
  • Catheters
  • Pacemakers
  • and more….

Surgical documentation and workflow solutions provide accurate documentation and location information, reducing the need for manual inventory counts, tedious data entry and time spent locating critical inventory and tools. iRISupply generates reports identifying expired, nearly expired and recalled items – in compliance with hospital and Joint Commission guidelines.

Let iRISupply do the counting and billing for you so you can spend more time caring for your patients.

iRISupply Cabinet and RFID System

The iRISupply cabinet and RFID system automates tedious counting and patient/device matching, and is compliant with hospital and Joint Commission guidelines.

 iRIScope Flexible Endoscopy Life-Cycle Management

The iRIScope flexible endoscope use cycle management system and automation software supports regulatory compliance and quality of care protocols.  iRIScope creates a standardized, easily monitored cleaning and disinfection process automating the management, storage, utilization and reprocessing of flexible endoscopes—improving patient safety and operational performance while reducing human errors common in manual processes.



iRISecure Tissue and Implant Management System

iRISecure supports regulatory compliance and hospital accreditation standards for tissue and surgical implant management by securely storing, tracking and logging frozen, refrigerated or ambient tissue.  The iRISecure smart cabinet, appliance (refrigerator or freezer) manager lock, and tissue management software solution creates a highly accurate and auditable automated approach to documenting and tracking tissue and related product within your hospital, capturing the entire use cycle – from product receipt, logging and storage to procedural utilization.