1602 Essentia

Performance & Value for Versatile Operating Rooms

The 1602 Essentia brings confidence to the operating room. Recognized for reliability, Skytron surgical tables are consistently rated as having a lower cost of ownership. The table offers easy integration with accessories, pre-programmed positioning options that include 90° back-up and a 500 lb articulation capacity.
Battery power comes standard and ensures that the table will continue to perform even during power loss. With all features considered, the 1602 Essentia is equipped for versatile operating rooms and surgery centers.
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 3003 Impulse

Achieve Full Body Imaging with Simple Joystick Control

Full function, electrohydraulic surgical table features 500 lb lift and articulation capacity. Table is equipped with a four-point, self-leveling brake system to assure stability and safety. A manual emergency brake release system provides table movement in the event of power loss.
Single-touch pendant and joystick control are connected to the table base by coiled cords and permit two-speed, multidirectional top slide and operation from any point around the table’s perimeter.
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3502 EZ Slide

Simplify Full Body Imaging and Patient Positioning

Featuring convenient top slide and the tallest table height in our portfolio, the 3502 EZ Slide is designed with the surgical team in mind. Imaging and surgical access is easy with 21″ of top slide, allowing for movement of the patient through the imaging window with just the click of a button.
Also featuring our tallest table height, the 3502 EZ Slide provides comfortable waist-height access, minimizing the physical strain placed on the surgical team.
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3602 UltraSlide

23″ Top Slide, General Purpose Table

Featuring the most top slide available in today’s market without ever compromising its articulation weight capacity, the 3602 UltraSlide is thoughtfully designed to accommodate almost any surgical requirement.
Combined with 23″ of total top slide and the versatility of accessories like our Carbon Fiber Extension, the 3602 UltraSlide’s removable back and leg sections permit impressive upper and lower body imaging – effortlessly moving the patient throughout the imaging window with simple, handheld controls.
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 6302 Elite

Bringing value and efficiency to every OR

Offering exclusive 210° top rotation, the 6302 Elite offers quick setup and unparalleled imaging access. A simple turn of the handle permits the table top to rotate toward the C-arm and allows the patient to effortlessly transition between the surgeon and anesthesiologist during head-end procedures. Other time-saving features include a removable leg section for rapid accessory attachment, pre-programmed options that allow for one-touch positioning at any point throughout the procedure and a radiolucent top that brings hassle-free, crisp imaging.
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 6702 Hercules

Giving Operating Rooms the Ability to Do More

The 6702 Hercules allows 210° top rotation at the turn of a handle, making procedure and imaging setup easier than ever. Seamlessly rotate the table toward the C-arm or transition the patient between the surgeon and anesthesiologist during head-end procedures. Featuring 1,200 pound lift and 1,000 pound articulation capacity combined with our lowest table height, the 6702 Hercules can also support bariatric patients with comfortable surgical access. Its radiolucent top permits sharp image amplification while the sturdy side rails will accept a full range of complementary accessories.
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